Small Business Marketing Ideas: 3 Ways to Market Your Small Business with a Fixed Budget

As a small business entrepreneur, selling your products and services is an ultimate goal. In achieving this goal, creating awareness about their presence to the target clients is essential. Awareness creation does not happen abruptly. You have to strategize and implement well-organized marketing campaigns.

However, small business owners like you operate on fixed marketing budgets. But does it mean you cannot effectively market your business? Here are three small business marketing ideas that you can implement with a fixed budget and efficiently reach your target market:

a.    Starting a web page/blog

Web presence is an essential requirement in the current digital-driven era. A significant number of people now look for products and services from the search engine. As such, as a small business operator having a website is a vital way of marketing your venture. Here you can list your product and services as well as include reviews and descriptions with keywords. This way your site will appear in the search engine results and customer will reach you to purchase the items you are offering.

b.    Marketing your products on social media

How do you use social media platforms?  Are you using it for fun, chatting, or leisure? If you are not using it to drive sales, then you need to rethink your marketing strategy. Get this small business idea tip: Social media is currently the largest marketplace.

All you need is to create a page for your business and invite your friends to like it as well ask them to refer their peers to it. Also, you can say a link to your business website on your social media posts and tag friends. You never know the readers may become your customers in the long run.

c.    Take part in business forums in your niche

Another marketing strategy you can use as an entrant online entrepreneur is taking part in business forums. Here you can check out relevant forums and try to answer followers’ questions. As you finish, you can leave a link to your online store or business website. Whoever finds your advice helpful can visit your site and make a purchase.

Moreover, anyone visiting the forum with a similar question will also reach you. As such, you will continue making sales without having to invest more time in marketing.


Moving significant sales requires substantial investment which most startups cannot afford. Nevertheless, with the above small business marketing ideas, you can reach a wider audience at a minimum cost. Essentially, most of them require little revenue and more time investment.